Privacy policy

The security of your data is important to us, and so is the security of your identity. We will never sell your information to a third party, nor will we every store or track any information about you or your the people you enter into your hotlst.

Your hotlst & opportunities.

We do not backup, copy, or store the data you enter outside the local database on your device. We will never extract this data via any means, nor will we ever ask for it. If an issue arises with the app and you require technical assistance, we may ask you some questions about the data entered, or your usage patterns - but we will keep your data in your sole possession.

Your personal information.

We are not a web service, and therefore we do not ask you for your Apple ID, Google Play account, BlackBerry World account, Facebook, or Twitter information.

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For every industry…
  • Financial advisors: Hotlst will sort your prospects based on their likelihood to sign, and make your goals.
  • Sales professionals: Use hotlst to automagically prioritize your sales prospects based on how likely they are to close.
  • Recruiters: Use hotlst to automagically prioritize potential recruits based on their interest or skills they offer.
  • Lawyers: Use hotlst to automagically prioritize your clients based on severity of their situation.
  • Project managers: Use hotlst to automagically prioritize your resources based on their skills and importance in your team, or ongoing work items.
  • Real estate professionals: Use hotlst to target your most important clients and prospects.