"Let me add you to my hotlst…"

The easiest way to prioritize your prospects, recruits, and clients. Know who to target and in what order, from hottest to coldest. Your hotlst.

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Available for iPhone 4/4S/5, iPad, iPod Touch, BlackBerry OS 10!

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For every industry…
  • Financial advisors: Hotlst will sort your prospects based on their likelihood to sign, and make your goals.
  • Sales professionals: Use hotlst to automagically prioritize your sales prospects based on how likely they are to close.
  • Recruiters: Use hotlst to automagically prioritize potential recruits based on their interest or skills they offer.
  • Lawyers: Use hotlst to automagically prioritize your clients based on severity of their situation.
  • Project managers: Use hotlst to automagically prioritize your resources based on their skills and importance in your team, or ongoing work items.
  • Real estate professionals: Use hotlst to target your most important clients and prospects.

Set your opportunities

Define what products or services make up your business, or any other characteristics you use to prioritize your practice. You can even give specific opportunities a higher or lower priority if a product or service returns a higher reward. Hotlst will make that lead hotter.


Add your contacts

Create the contacts you need to track, and don't forget to add the opportunities you defined. As you add people, hotlst will reorganize itself based on the priority of the new person and the priority of its opportunities.


Take action

Call, meet, or take any action you need to close those leads! Hotlst will show you from top to bottom who you should call first, second, etc…